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We return your old, tired & crusty Nichols Stallion 45 Mark II and Other Toy Cap Guns back to Mint or
Near Mint Condition, thus preserving your Investment's Significant Value.

We also buy, sell and trade in Nichols Industries Guns, Holster Sets and Other Products.
Some Customer Testimonials...

Hi Jim

Jim, I received the Nichols Stallion 45's today and I can not believe they are the same guns. Your process is really a joy to see on the finished guns and they could not have shined this well when they were new. It is easy to see why so many people praise your work on these guns. The grips look like new and the red jewels sparkle like new as well. The actions are smooth as new. I am really looking forward to the finished Mark II Gold 45's when you finish them.

I am also very impressed with your "Restoration Check list" both in its design and in the information it provides the cap gun owner and potential buyer once a gun is sold. You have a very professional approach to business and take these Cap Gun restorations to the highest degree of Excellence. It is a true pleasure to deal with some one with the integrity and ethics you have build into your work, reputation and your business.

Toby O'Brien

Hi Jim

received my Stallion today 11/29/05. You did a beautiful job of restoring it!! I am very pleased with the results! Thanks again for a fantastic job, and all of the progress reports.If and when I come across an original Stallion 45 and it needs restoration, I will definitely send it to you.

Richard Gerdes

Howdy Jim

Yesterday, I received a package from your company containing two brand new Nichols cap guns. Apparently, there has been some mistake. I had sent you two old and used Nichols: a Stallion 32 and one Dyna-MITE. Also apparent were the tattered 2-piece bullets that were included in my package to you; those, too, are missing.

Frankly, Jim, I don't see how you can run a business successfully if you mislay a customer's belongings. Do you think replacing old toys with new ones is funny?

I think it's fantastic.

The workmanship is magnificent. Pistols are clean, shiny and bright. They also work quite well. The work on the 38 loading gate (opened just once to inspect cylinder and bullets) looks and works excellently. Your bullet restoration process is incredible. Work on both the Stallion 38 and the Dyna-MITE was much better than expected, and I had expected a lot. Once again, thanks for the added touch of including the bullet for the Dyna-MITE.

As stated in a previous e-mail, if the work on the 2 cap pistols was good, I would send in one of my Stallion 45s. The work was great; I will be sending in my Stallion 45 within the next 3 weeks.

Jim, thanks very much for all the work done. It was excellent. If you're ever on the West Coast, I'll buy you dinner.

Sincerely, Mark Guthrie

WOW!!!! Jim Turner, the Nichols Stallion 45 Mark II you recently preserved for me is exceptionally amazing!!!! I can't tell you how impressed I am with your professionalism, workmanship & abilities!!!! The Gun looks better than brand new and the inside mechanisms are so clean now I could eat off of them!!!! All of the cap residue is completely gone and the action works perfectly too!!!! I can't believe how you made the engraved child's name disappear from the bottom of the barrel and the old, crusty cartridges didn't look this good when they were new!!!! Your shipping packaging was exceptional too! Thank you so much for your time & effort on preserving this great piece....I am a very pleased customer!!!! It was worth every penny!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Buz :-)

Hello Jim,

I was out of town until Sunday night. You can imagine my delight at coming home to a Priority Mail box on my table. The Stallion is wonderful. It looks magnificent. Thanks so much for your work and documentation. It is now residing in my display case on its acrylic base along with 6 original bullets and the book about the history of Nichols cap guns from the Nichols family.

Thanks again,

Hi Jim,

The gun is absolutely beautiful. It's exactly as I remember it. Did Nichols ever have an actual holster to go with these 45's and do you ever see them available on E-bay or anywhere else? Thanks for an instant trip back to one of the happiest times in my childhood.


Dear Jim,

The guns arrived Wednesday but I was out of town until today. As usual, they look great! Thanks for the time spent. The new grips look perfect. Again, thanks for everything.


The Stallions arrived today....they look great...Go ahead and work on the guns...I have sent you a check for $285.00 today...Thank you again for cleaning the Kilgore it looks great. I have a blued Stallion coming that needs work...You will be getting it....as always a challenge to you..The Challenge gun you returned looks great..can't believe it is the same gun....Let me know when you want payment on the other two guns...



It is a pleasure to work with someone who takes pride in their work the way you do. I am not very trusting normally but I have no qualms about your detailing of the problems encountered with the repairs..You could have very easily told me the other two guns were worth being fixed but you told me the truth of the situation as you saw it and I appreciate it.

Upon arrival, all guns are inspected/tested, disassembled and put through a checklist for verification of condition. Any missing, broken or worn out parts are noted. The condition of its frame and its finish are noted. Then all parts are placed in a labeled/numbered box for processing, as shown below:
The first step in restoring Cap Guns is always disassembling the guns and giving them a thorough cleaning.
All rust is removed from parts like the cylinder rod and the springs.
All parts are soaked in a chemical bath and are soaked for a specific amount of time.
All parts are put through a very hot soapy water bath, scrubbing each part thoroughly with different size brushes, pads, clothes, etc.
Special Cleaning Of Your Cap GunSpecial Cleaning Of Your Cap Gun
This is the Chemical Soaking Process. This process takes place after the general inspection has been performed. The chemical used in this above process is so strong that the technician has to wear rubber gloves to avoid being burned by the chemical. The chemical is sprayed on the gun parts and this causes a slight chemical reaction with the corrosion, etc., on the pieces. This Chemical Soak takes a couple of hours to perform on the average gun. On guns with really bad corrosion, etc., the pieces may be allowed to soak overnight and are re-sprayed occasionally to keep the reaction going.
The polishing procedures are outlined, as shown below:
Once parts are towel dried, each and every part is polished, even the internal parts, i.e., springs and all.
Special attention is paid to polishing all parts that are chrome plated, removing all stains and discoloration. Once completed, everything but any major pitting has been removed. Some scratching will be removed, also. Whatever scratches are not removed, will at least look a great deal better. All these parts are brought to a highly polished appearance, similar to what special 'limited release' guns would appear like from the factory.
Any necessary replacement parts are rounded up.
All parts requiring lubrication are lubricated in the factory recommended locations.
The guns are re-assembled and tested for full functionality.
The first picture represents the gun parts after having the polish applied. That polish is not just applied with an applicator. It is scrubbed into the metal, applying multiple dabs of polish during the scrubbing. This removes most of the corrosion from the exterior finish. It will not remove pitting and deep corrosion, though. These pieces, in the one picture, were allowed to sit overnight to let the chemicals in the polish do their work. And, of course, the second picture is of the same pieces, after all the polish has been removed from all the pieces. This is accomplished using polishing cloths and brushes to insure removal of all the polish from the very smallest of areas. The polish cloth is used to bring the finish to a high gloss.
The gun's grips are put through a separate process of their own, as follows:
After a thorough cleaning, any cracks are glued with a special glue. If one of the posts is broken out, it is glued back in also. Then, the grips are left overnight to cure.
If the grips have heavy chips, scratches, etc., they are wet sanded to remove as much of the damage, as possible, without making their strength weaker. This also removes evidence of glue overflow.
After wet sanding, the grips are polished with a special compound to further remove damage and to make them more smooth.
Then, the grips are polished again with a finer polish. This returns the grips to their former beauty and they are ready for re-installation on the Mark II.
Here is the gun before we performed the cleaning and polishing. In addition to the cleaning and polishing of Nichols Cap Guns, we also check for missing parts and things that just don't work. Replacing them, is, of course, an option worth doing. So, are we going to be able to restore the luster to this "King Of The Cap Guns?"
And sure as shootin' we have a Nichols Stallion 45 MK-II that looks as good as it ever could. These photos are of the same gun and after all of the cleaning and polishing took place. The grips shown on the completed gun were damaged and required repair. One had the screw pedestal broken out of it and the other had cracks. Both had various chips and scratches. Look at the finished product, now. We can take a Cap Gun that had seen its better days and transform it into the best it could be.
Let us take your Cap Gun and "Bring It Back To Life!"
The two-piece bullets, if sent, go through a very tedious and time consuming separate process. Plus, there is an additional charge for reconditioning the 2-piece bullets. That process is as follows:
Bullets are soaked overnight in a special chemical to remove corrosion and old cap material.
They are thoroughly washed in very hot soapy water, piece by piece.
Each piece is then polished to a high luster. This is a very time consuming and tedious process.
When the gun is returned to its owner, all old unused parts (worn out or broken parts) are returned to him, if the owner wants, along with a copy of the checklist filled out during the restoration of his Mark II.

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